Useful Linux find Commands


General Find all files and directories starting from the current directory (including all subdirectories). $ find . Find all files starting from the current diretory (including all subdirectories). $ find . -type f Find all directories starting from the current directory (including all subdirectories). $ find . -type d Find all hidden files starting from […]

Disable WordPress from linking images by default


Are you sick of WordPress linking images by default, making them clickable? Yeah, me too. Add the following to functions.php. The exact file location is: /wp-content/themes/<theme>/functions.php add_action(‘pre_option_image_default_link_type’, ‘always_link_images_to_none’); function always_link_images_to_none() { return ‘none'; }

iPhone not syncing with Google Calendars


Is your Google Calendars not showing up on your iPhone, or maybe you are missing one or two?  One link to rule them all: I’ve ran into many different options for getting my Google Calendars to sync properly with my iPhone. This is by far the easiest solution. Once you’ve selected your Google Calendars […]

Backup your WordPress Website to Dropbox on a Mac


We learned how to Backup & Restore a MySQL database HERE We learned how to tar a directory HERE Now lets combine this knowledge and backup our WordPress Website directly to Dropbox. You will need the following information: Web Server Name (hostname) MySQL User Name MySQL Password MySQL Database Name Root Website Directory Dropbox Directory Location […]