Disable WordPress from linking images by default


Are you sick of WordPress linking images by default, making them clickable? Yeah, me too. Add the following to functions.php. The exact file location is: /wp-content/themes/<theme>/functions.php add_action(‘pre_option_image_default_link_type’, ‘always_link_images_to_none’); function always_link_images_to_none() { return ‘none'; }



Everyone backs up their data. The problem I ran into is that I have 2TB’s of data to backup, and I couldn’t find a cloud based solution that uploaded my data fast enough. So, I went to plan B. As you can tell by the title of this blog, I am going to use rsync. […]

Rename files to create date – YYYY-MM-DD HH.MM.SS


Have you ever wanted to rename all your iPhone photos to the create date when they were taken, down to the second? Yeah, me too. So I wrote a little script that runs through your current directory and renames all the specified files to the format YYY-MM-DD HH.MM.SS.EXTENTION. I got the idea from my Dropbox mobile […]

Prevent Hard Drive from Going To Sleep or Spinning Down


If you own an external Western Digital drive like myself, you may have noticed that the drive has a built-in sleep function that spins down the drive if not used in a 10 minute time period. This feature is really annoying to me. Every time I attempted to access a file on my external, Finder […]