iPhone: Group Messaging

If you’re like me, you text quite a bit on your phone. Sometimes you’d like to text multiple people while keeping everyone in the same text conversation (kind of like an IM chat room, but over text messaging). By default, the iPhone allows you to send a text message to multiple people, but when they reply back it comes in as individual text messages from each person. Not a good thing.

That’s where Group Messaging comes in handy.

I never knew about this feature until now (maybe I’m a little late), but I think it should be a default setting on your iPhone. I’m not sure why Apple didn’t turn it on by default, but I’m sure they have their reasons.

  • Settings
  • Messages
  • Group Messaging

You can now group text back and fourth in a reply-to-all type text chat room.

Update: There is a downfall to this feature. When you receive a group message, you are forced to reply-to-all. You do not have the choice to keep your reply private, meaning that you do not want anyone in the group to see your response. You can just reply back in a separate text message directly to the person that sent the message, but that kind-of defeats the purpose of group texting. Either way, you now have the option to choose from.

By Tommy Elmesewdy

DevOps Engineer