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iPhone 3GS Slow Response Time

I was sick of my iPhone not responding instantly to my finger taps the first time around (like when I had nothing loaded on my iPhone when I first got it) so I decided to figure out the issue. I felt that my iPhone had either reached its end-of-life or one of the programs was causing it to delay my touch response. I’m not ready to purchase a new iPhone 4, as the iPhone 5 is just around the corner, plus I got a brand new replacement just last week from the Apple store (cracked case — thanks Apple!). I closed all my programs, cleared all my safari history, cookies and cache, and still experienced the same issue.

I then worked my way to the one and only SPOTLIGHT settings (Settings > General > Spotlight Search) and unchecked all the options (Contacts-Messages).

My iPhone is now working normally. I am very happy, but of course the downfall is that your built-in search will not find anything. I will most likely go back and check a few options within the Spotlight settings, but I refuse to give up phone functionality for a search feature that I barely use in the first place. I hope this helps you just as much as it helped me.

You can read more about Spotlight HERE.


By Tommy Elmesewdy

DevOps Engineer

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Yeah me too I cleared the Safari caches and that stuff as some recommended but it didn’t help. This did it! Now runs like it used to thanks!

This blog was for an iPhone 3GS, so I assume that you have an older 3G.

Try this:
– Tap on “Settings”
– Tap on “General”
– Navigate to and select “Home Button”
– Scroll down to “Spotlight Search”
– Disable everything by tapping the check box next to each item
– Exit settings

Holy crap, I’ve been dealing w the slowness forever, thank you. Why did I not google this problem before.