iCloud Verification email

I ran into a problem when trying to setup my iCloud account with Apple. No matter what I did, I couldn’t figure out how to complete the verification email part of the setup, as Apple needed my Apple ID to be an email address (the one I was using was not). I tried a few things and had no luck figuring out the problem. Come to find out, it looks like I had multiple Apple IDs related to the same email account.

A very nice guy by the name of Rob Wheatley posted the fix in Apple’s discussions.

I first went to appleid.apple.com and clicked the Find out link at the bottom right of the page.

I was then shown two Apple ID’s that were associated to my email address.

  • r1tommy
  • r1tommy@gmail.com

I logged into my r1tommy@gmail.com Apple ID (the account that I never used) and changed it to r1tommy@hotmail.com (now r1tommy@gmail.com is only associated to my r1tommy Apple ID account).

I then logged into my r1tommy Apple ID (all my apps & music is purchased on this account). I was given the option to merge my r1tommy Apple ID & r1tommy@gmail.com together as one (like two peas in a pod), making my r1tommy@gmail.com my primary Apple ID.

Everything then fell into place and worked seamlessly.


5 responses to “iCloud Verification email”

  1. Yep, tried this, got to the same point of being shown “multiple accounts with the information you provided” message. Choosing either of the two then leads to a menu requesting my birthdate – a date I certainly know, but Apple claims it’s incorrect (rather, “does not match” records”). So I’m no further advanced.

    David G.

  2. ughhh, well I tried Rob’s suggestion, but I only have one Apple ID, listed the same as his example.  I selected the other one, but in both cases I cannot access the account without verifying my information through an email that never arrives.

  3. Thanks soooo much for this post! I have been trying to figure out why my verification email wasn’t being sent for almost a year!  I was able to figure out that my apple ID was associated with the wrong email address.