Mac: TotalFinder

Have you ever wanted a more organized Mac Finder? Well, I’ve found a great and simple program called TotalFinder. It is everything I’ve ever wanted in Mac’s Finder. I’m not sure why Apple didn’t upgrade it to make it work the way TotalFinder does, but I’m happy binaryage did. I’ve tried the 14 day demo and was very impressed; impressed enough to purchase it and write about it on my blog.


  • Tabbed Browsing – Add tabs on top of Finder. The same tabs as seen in Google Chrome.
  • Dual Mode – Display two Finder windows side-by-side in dual mode.
  • Folders on Top – Don’t make me think. Folders should always go first in list view.
  • Show System Files – Show me all files on the disk. I’m not afraid to see the cruft.
  • Visor – Convenient system-wide Finder always one key-press away.
  • Cut & Paste – Use keyboard shortcuts to move files around. Faster than drag & drop.

By far, my favorite features of TotalFinder are Tabbed browsing, Dual Mode and Folders on Top.

Tabbed browsing

Dual Mode

I like the fact that that I no longer have to open multiple Finder windows all over my desktop. The window clutter savings alone is worth it. If being organized if your thing, you’ll enjoy TotalFinder.

By Tommy Elmesewdy

DevOps Engineer