Mounting Airport Extreme Disk via Terminal using mount_smbfs

I’m going to show you how to mount your Airport Extreme network attached drive via Terminal. I wanted to do this manually because I want to run a single command to backup my data using rsync (read my rsync blog HERE).

Launch Terminal

Applications > Utilities > Terminal

First make a directory for the volume you wish to mount

mkdir /Volumes/My\ Passport

Then mount the drive

mount_smbfs //username:password@yourairportname/yourdrivename/ /Volumes/yourdirectory


mount_smbfs //username:password@tommys-airport-/My%20Passport/ /Volumes/My\ Passport

mount_smbfs — mount a shared resource from an SMB file server

When you’re done, unmount the drive

umount /Volumes/My\ Passport

Note: Use %20 in place of all your blank spaces within the mount name.