Spinnaker: Configuring Slack Notifications

Create a slack application

Go to

Click Create an App.

Select your Development Slack Workspace.

Click Create App.

Create a bot

Click the Bots section under Add features and functionality.

Click Add a Bot User.

Click Add Bot User and switch Always Show Bot as Online to on.

Install App

Click the Install App tab.

Click Install App to Workplace.

Click Allow.

You will now see your Bot User OAuth Access Token, which you will use within Halyard.

Create a Slack channel

Create a Slack channel or go to an existing channel.

Invite the bot to your channel

Click + Add an app.

Search for your application (e.g. spinnaker) and click Add.


Use the Bot User OAuth Access Token from the previous step.

hal config notification slack enable
hal config notification slack edit --bot-name spinnaker \
# You will be promoted for the token
# Verify the changes
hal deploy diff
# Update the deployment
hal deploy apply


Within the Pipeline Configuration stage, under Notifications, click + Add Notification Preference.

Choose Slack under Notify via.

Enter your Slack Channel, select your options and click Update.

Run your Pipeline.

You should see a notification within your Slack channel.

By Tommy Elmesewdy

DevOps Engineer