Hello, my name is Tommy (the URL gave me away). My hobbies and interests are web design, photography, music and blogging. I previously worked for Yahoo for 5 years within their Mail Engineering department and currently work for CallidusCloud by SAP. I’m the type of person that stays in front of the technology curve, or at least I try to. I like to breakdown applications and think of many ways to make them better (is it a bug or a feature?). In my spare time I like to watch the latest movie. I was born in Louisiana and came to California in 3rd grade. I grew up here in the Bay Area, from Vallejo to Hercules, all the way to Sunnyvale. The key to my success has always been team work, and the Internet of course. I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by great people that strive, like me, to be the best at what they do. I’m always looking for opportunities to better myself and the people around me. Thanks for stopping by!