Install and Configure NFS on CentOS 8

Install Server Install dnf -y install nfs-utils Start / Enable at boot { systemctl start nfs-server.service systemctl enable nfs-server.service } Configs /etc/nfs.conf – main configuration file for the NFS daemons and tools /etc/nfsmount.conf – an NFS mount configuration file Create shared directory I want to share the directory /mnt/backups on the NFS server. mkdir -p /mnt/backups Create the export […]


GitHub Container Registry

General Note: GitHub Container Registry is free for public images. Container Registry is free for private images during the beta, and as part of GitHub Packages will follow the same pricing model when generally available. Create personal token Go to Click Generate new token. Permissions: write:packages / read:packages delete:packages Click Generate token. Copy […]


Push to Google Cloud Registry Auth gcloud auth logingcloud auth configure-docker Pull # Option 1 – pull from Docker Hub docker pull [USERNAME]/[IMAGE]:[TAG] # Option 2 – pull from GCR docker pull [REPOSITORY_NAME]/[FOLDER]/[IMAGE]:[TAG] Example # Option 1 – pull from Docker Hub docker pull itsmetommy/go-guestbook:latest # Option 2 – pull from GCR docker pull[PROJECT_ID]/itsmetommy/go-guestbook:latest Tag Note: Use […]

docker sql

Docker: MySQL Download docker pull mysql/mysql-server:latest Create Option 1 – docker run docker run -d \ –name mysql-itsmetommy \ -p 3306:3306 \ –env=”MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=password” \ mysql/mysql-server:latest Option 2 – docker-compose cat <<EOF > docker-compose.yml version: ‘3.8’ services: db: image: mysql:latest restart: always environment: MYSQL_DATABASE: ‘db’ # Optional user account MYSQL_USER: ‘tommy’ # Password for optional user account […]


Markdown Preview using Sublime Text

Preview and build your markdown files (e.g. in your web browser using Sublime Text. Install Open Command Palette. Option 1: Type control+shift+p Option 2: Tools → Command Palette… Type “install” and select “Package Control: Install“. Type “markdownpreview” and select it. Restart Sublime Text. Open your file. Example Open the Command Palette and type “markdown preview“. Select “Markdown Preview: Preview […]