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Install Minikube on GCP CentosOS 7

Enable nested virtualization on an instance Create a boot disk. gcloud compute disks create disk1 –image-project centos-cloud –image-family centos-7 –zone us-central1-a Create image with License. Note: This may take a minute. gcloud compute images create nested-vm-image –source-disk=disk1 –source-disk-zone=us-central1-a –licenses= Delete source disk, as it is no longer needed. gcloud compute disks delete disk1 –zone […]


Managing Multiple Accounts in GCP

Add an account. gcloud config configurations create [CONFIG_NAME] Example gcloud config configurations create my-account Setup the new configuration. gcloud init List config. gcloud config configurations list NAME IS_ACTIVE ACCOUNT PROJECT DEFAULT_ZONE DEFAULT_REGION default False project-1 us-west1-a us-west1 my-account True project-2 us-west1-a us-west1 List active account. gcloud auth list Credentialed Accounts ACTIVE ACCOUNT […]

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Kubernetes: Cluster Backup with Heptio Velero on GCP

Heptio Ark is now Velero! As I’ve already written HERE, I thought I’d give an update to the slightly different installation of Heptio Velero. This is going to be more of a cliff notes blog, as the previous blog has a lot of information I’d rather not repeat in this one. So here we go. […]

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PowerDNS Recursor

I ran into an issue where I was setting up a VPN to a GCP VPC and noticed that DNS was not working correctly. DNS worked flawlessly within any instance inside the GCP VPC itself, but not from my laptop. I should be able to ssh into any instance from my laptop. I also want […]