WordPress Backup on CentOS

Now that I’ve moved my website over to CentOS, I’ll be showing you how I do backups.

My Setup

  • VirtualBox – CentOS web server running WordPress
  • iMac – connected Drobo


  • Run daily mysql backups
  • Run weekly website backups
  • Only
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Mac OS X: Set / Change Default Application for Specific File Type

It can be a little tricky to change the default application when opening up specific files on a Mac. In my case, I wanted to change from the default Quicktime player application to VLC for file extensions such as mp4, … read more

How to Hide a Folder in OS X

Create a folder anywhere on your Hard Drive.

For this example, I will create a folder on my desktop called TOMMY.

Launch the application Terminal.

Hide the Folder:

$ chflags hidden /Users/tommye/Desktop/Tommy

Unhide the Folder:

$ chflags nohidden /Users/tommye/Desktop/Tommy
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