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MX/MTA: Mail – Sending an email via telnet

Sending an email through a Web or Client interface is easy. I’m going to show you how to send an email manually via telnet. I am going to keep it basic, as I don’t want to make this a long drawn out book about MX and MTA’s. So lets get to it… MTA (Mail/Message Transfer […]


Linux: alias Command

Most of us use the same commands over and over again. The alias command can help simplify your life when it comes to typing out the same long drown out commands. Think of it as a shortcut command. Lets say that you always type hostname;uptime;date. You can create an alias where it will run the […]

Design Internet Technology

The anatomy of a WordPress theme

As most new users scramble to learn the inner-workings of WordPress, Yoast really took the time to show a simple to understand breakdown. Thank you Yoast! Source:

Design Photography

Photomerge with Adobe Photoshop

Have you ever had to scan in a panoramic picture and tried putting multiple pictures together in Photoshop? Well, there is a pretty cool feature that I ended up using for the first time today to merge three scanned pictures of my senior class photo (1998). Check out the final result: File —> Automate —> […]

Music Technology

iPod Smart Playlist

Have you ever wanted to listen to those new songs that you just added to your music iPod library, but are having a hard time locating them within your huge collection of music? Here’s a quick tutorial of how to create what is called a Smart Playlist. The below instructions will create a Playlist of […]