Design Photography

Photomerge with Adobe Photoshop

Have you ever had to scan in a panoramic picture and tried putting multiple pictures together in Photoshop? Well, there is a pretty cool feature that I ended up using for the first time today to merge three scanned pictures of my senior class photo (1998). Check out the final result: File —> Automate —> […]

Art Photography

Adobe Pixel Bender Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CS5

I just got a hold of Adobe CS5 for Mac. I thought I’d share this Plug-in that I came across that looks pretty cool. It takes a regular picture and creates a few effects. My favorite is the oil brush effect. If you have Photoshop CS5 installed, you can download the Pixel Bender Plug-in for […]

Photography Technology

Adobe Plenoptic Photo Focus

“If you’ve ever taken a blurry photo and wished you had focused it differently, Adobe’s new Plenoptic technology could be just what you need. It combines a custom lens for your camera and a software component for your Mac or PC, and allows you to focus on anything you want, after you’ve shot the photo. […]