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Auto-Renew Let’s Encrypt Wildcard Certificate using Google Cloud DNS

Let’s go over how to create a Wildcard Certificate that also auto-renews. Wildcards are challenged by DNS-01. This challenge asks you to prove that you control the DNS for your domain name by putting a specific value in a TXT record under that domain name. This requires DNS access, especially when you are automating the […]


Kubernetes: Automated DNS with External-DNS on GKE

Updated: 2020-06-17 I’ll be using a helm chart to install external-dns on my Kubernetes GKE cluster. Create zone Create GCP service account Create a GCP service account to enable an account to edit Cloud DNS. export PROJECT_NAME=[YOUR_PROJECT_NAME] # create service account gcloud iam service-accounts create k8s-external-dns \ –display-name=”Service Account to support ACME DNS-01 […]

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PowerDNS Recursor

I ran into an issue where I was setting up a VPN to a GCP VPC and noticed that DNS was not working correctly. DNS worked flawlessly within any instance inside the GCP VPC itself, but not from my laptop. I should be able to ssh into any instance from my laptop. I also want […]


Mac OSX DNS Search Domains Problem

I ran into an issue where I’d be forced to add my domain to the end of every server I SSH’ed into. Basically, DNS search domains stopped working. Here’s how to fix it. Make a backup of your file $ sudo cp /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ ~/ Edit your file $ sudo vi /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ Add the below […]