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Kubernetes: Kompose

Kompose is a conversion tool for Docker Compose to container orchestrators such as Kubernetes (or OpenShift). In this example, I’ll be using a Mac along with Minikube. I’ll be exposing a NodePort in order to view the services within a browser. Install macOS: Homebrew brew install kompose Create docker-comose.yaml vi docker-compose.yamlversion: ‘3’services: httpd: […]


docker-compose redis-cluster

Clone git repository Updated: June 25, 2020 Clone the repo. cd into repo. cd docker-redis-cluster Build and start all containers docker-compose up –build -d Example docker-compose up –build -d Creating network “docker-redis-cluster_redisnet” with driver “bridge” Building redis-1 Step 1/7 : FROM redis:latest —> 63130206b0fa Step 2/7 : MAINTAINER Tommy Elmesewdy —> Using cache […]

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docker-compose redis

Clone git repository Pick your redis version and download the git repository. redis version 4 My example uses 4.0.2-alpine. redis version 2-3 My example uses 2.6.17. Build and start all containers This will build all the sentinel images, then start all containers in detached mode. docker-compose up –build -d Verify that the master is […]

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Docker Basics

The below docker commands should give you a basic understanding of how docker works.  This is obviously not a comprehensive lesson, but should give you enough information to take off on your own. Create an account Login to docker hub docker login Search docker hub docker search centos Run a basic container Run in […]