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Kubernetes: Migrate Local Storage to Google Cloud Storage Bucket

I ran into an issue where having a local disk wasn’t the best solution and decided it was time to migrate to a Google Cloud Storage Bucket. This particular situation has to do with Artifactory where I was using a PersistentVolume (gcePersistentDisk) and now wanted to use a storage bucket (the right way). I had […]


Managing Multiple Accounts in GCP

Add config. I like to name them based on my project name. gcloud config configurations create [CONFIG_NAME] Example gcloud config configurations create my-account Setup the new configuration. gcloud init List config. gcloud config configurations list NAME IS_ACTIVE ACCOUNT PROJECT DEFAULT_ZONE DEFAULT_REGION default False project-1 us-west1-a us-west1 my-account True project-2 us-west1-a us-west1 List active […]