GitHub Container Registry

General Note: GitHub Container Registry is free for public images. Container Registry is free for private images during the beta, and as part of GitHub Packages will follow the same pricing model when generally available. Create personal token Go to Click Generate new token. Permissions: write:packages / read:packages delete:packages Click Generate token. Copy […]


Push to Docker Hub using GitHub Actions

Knock-knock! Who’s there? Jenkins. Jenkins who? jk 🤣 Links (think of it as an alternative to Jenkins plugins) Create & clone repo Create a GitHub repository. Clone your repository and cd into it. git clone && cd github-actions Create secrets Settings → Secrets Click New repository secret. Create two secrets. Create DOCKER_USERNAME. […]

docker Linux

docker-compose redis

Clone git repository Pick your redis version and download the git repository. redis version 4 My example uses 4.0.2-alpine. redis version 2-3 My example uses 2.6.17. Build and start all containers This will build all the sentinel images, then start all containers in detached mode. docker-compose up –build -d Verify that the master is […]