Managing Multiple Accounts in GCP

Add config. I like to name them based on my project name. gcloud config configurations create [CONFIG_NAME] Example gcloud config configurations create my-account Setup the new configuration. gcloud init List config. gcloud config configurations list NAME IS_ACTIVE ACCOUNT PROJECT DEFAULT_ZONE DEFAULT_REGION default False project-1 us-west1-a us-west1 my-account True project-2 us-west1-a us-west1 List active […]


Kubernetes: WordPress on GKE using Cloud SQL

Create MySQL database Click CREATE INSTANCE. Choose MySQL. Choose an Instance ID and Root password. Click Create. Click on the USERS tab. Click Create user account. Insert wordpress as the User name and create a Password. Click CREATE. Feel free to use openssl to create a password. openssl rand -base64 32ux9ftpLM6YSB8gnCB+LOomCqp+gPlnk63JJEzCEp1Uo= Click the DATABASES tab. […]

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Kubernetes: Cluster Backup with Heptio Ark on GCP

Heptio Ark is a utility for managing disaster recovery, specifically for your Kubernetes cluster resources and persistent volumes. I will be showing you how to install Ark Client and Server on a Mac. Then I’ll show you how to install Ark on GCP and configure a backup and restore. Install Ark Client brew install […]