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Docker: MySQL Download docker pull mysql/mysql-server:latest Create Option 1 – docker run docker run -d \ –name mysql-itsmetommy \ -p 3306:3306 \ –env=”MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=password” \ mysql/mysql-server:latest Option 2 – docker-compose cat <<EOF > docker-compose.yml version: ‘3.8’ services: db: image: mysql:latest restart: always environment: MYSQL_DATABASE: ‘db’ # Optional user account MYSQL_USER: ‘tommy’ # Password for optional user account […]


Google Cloud SQL database exports using Cloud Scheduler

This is going to be a quick and to the point blog. As many of you know (if you’re here at this point, I know you know), Google Cloud SQL backups are directly linked to the instance itself. WHAT!? That means if the instance is deleted, so are your backups. As a DevOps engineer, this […]


Kubernetes: WordPress on GKE using Cloud SQL

Create MySQL database Click CREATE INSTANCE. Choose MySQL. Choose an Instance ID and Root password. Click Create. Click on the USERS tab. Click Create user account. Insert wordpress as the User name and create a Password. Click CREATE. Feel free to use openssl to create a password. openssl rand -base64 32ux9ftpLM6YSB8gnCB+LOomCqp+gPlnk63JJEzCEp1Uo= Click the DATABASES tab. […]


WordPress 5 Minute Install

This setup assumes that you are running a web server and mysql on the same server. Step 1 cd into your root directory. cd /your/root/directory Step 2 Download and unzip. wget && tar -xzvf latest.tar.gz && rm -rf latest.tar.gz && cd wordpress && mv * .. && cd .. && rm -rf wordpress Step […]

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WordPress Backup on CentOS

Now that I’ve moved my website over to CentOS, I’ll be showing you how I do backups. My Setup VirtualBox – CentOS web server running WordPress iMac – connected Drobo Goal Run daily mysql backups Run weekly website backups Only keep the latest two backups Run daily rsync’s to my Drobo from my iMac CentOS — […]